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Diving equipment:
Kirby Morgan-helmets, band masks, dive stations, etc.
Cutting and burning: Broco, REMTECH RODS,
Welding equipment: Broco
Hull cleaning and propeller polishing equipment
Drilling tools, Air lifts, Air Bags, etc.

1x 400 hp Dive Support Vessel equipped with dredging pump, pipeline and cable burial equipment.
1x 350 hp DSV with optional Wet Bell deployment
1x 700 hp vessel capable of moving heavy objects
1x 60 hp 7 meter support boat
1x 20 hp boat

Dredging vessel:
Deep level suction dredging vessel using high-tech dredging equipment and GPS navigation with maximum dredging depth 30 meters.

ROV services:
Medium Work Class ROV Sub-fighter 4500 HD and Sub-fighter7500 HD
Max depth 1000 meters
Mini ROV - max. depth 70 meters
Inspection and survey of Oil and Gas platforms, pipelines, Spool piece connections, moorings, etc.